Biohazard Company

A Biohazard Waste Removal company, also known as a biohazard company, is a certified professional and licensed medical waste removal service provider.  They cater to the disposal of biohazard waste which  are generally defined as biological waste that may be contaminated by infectious materials considered perilous to the safety of the public and the environment. Biohazard waste can easily cause the spread of bacteria and viruses therefore it is important that they are handled and disposed of properly and with utmost care.

Choosing the right biohazard company

Not all biohazard waste removal companies are the same and finding the best is crucial in the proper disposal of your biohazard waste.  Before you employ the services of a biohazard removal company make sure that they are licensed, compliant with OHSA regulations, their vehicles are insured, their employees are well trained and insured as well and most importantly they must have transparent pricing.  When it comes to biohazard waste disposal, you should expect nothing but the best with no exception.

At RedAway™, we are licensed to pick up all of your biohazard waste.  Our professional and well-trained team members are happy to assist you in all your waste disposal needs. We will pick up and handle all your biohazard waste with care, while providing the highest level of service.  Once you have properly segregated and packaged your medical waste, we will remove it from your premise and onto our vehicles where we ensure that the biohazard waste is secured. They will then be disposed of with great care for the safety of the public and the environment.  We ensure that all your waste disposal is resolved with the strict observance and compliance of the law. 

RedAway™ is a medical waste removal company, founded in Texas and proudly serves the needs of our healthcare and governmental communities. We are led by a former hospital executive who saw a need in the healthcare industry for a dependable and responsive waste removal company, which would cater to the needs of small and midsize businesses.  RedAway™  started locally and has now grown nationally with the same well-known service. 

For all your biohazard waste disposal needs, RedAway™ is the most trusted and dependable biohazard company that started locally and are now providing services nationally.