Biohazard Containers

Biohazard containers are receptacles that are exclusively used to store medical waste that may be contaminated with viruses or bacteria which may cause harm to the public and the environment once exposed. Under the strict guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA, biohazard waste must be segregated and stored in designated containers beginning at the facilities where the waste originates.

The most important thing to consider in using containers for biohazard waste is that the containers must be:

All biohazard containers must be lined with biohazard plastic before using, filling only ¾ of the container for proper tying and must not be pressed or shaken just to hold more waste. It must be placed near the place where these biohazard waste are generated but far from other waste receptacles to avoid misplacing these waste.  Mishandling or errors in biohazard waste disposal may cause severe damage to public health as well as the environment.  Moreover, errors in segregation may result  in substantial fines and penalties as mandated by the law. To avoid these kinds of mishap, only employ the expert services of a professional and licensed biohazard waste removal company.  

At RedAway™, we have been trusted by so many facilities in our community in disposing of all their medical waste that  in just a matter of time we have grown nationally while still providing the same kind of service. We only use the best quality biohazard containers, ensuring that they are properly labeled, placing them adequately in the facilities we serve.  They are picked up by our highly trained staff, putting them in secured receptacles in our waste disposal vehicle, ensuring that nothing will be exposed in case an accident occurs.  We always make sure that all medical wastes are disposed of according to federal and state law.

Allow us to show you why choosing RedAway™ is the best decision you can make in disposing of your medical wastes.