Biomedical waste services

When biomedical waste is to be disposed of, it is essential to employ biomedical waste services

Biomedical waste is generally defined as infectious or non-infectious waste materials that have been used after a human or animal is diagnosed, treated or vaccinated.  It may include materials used by health workers such as surgical masks, gloves, blood-soaked cotton, syringes and a lot more that may be contaminated with potentially infectious properties.

It is imperative that the segregation of this kind of waste start from the place where the wastes originated.  They must be accurately stored for disposal in color-coded containers which are properly labeled.  Mishandling of this kind of waste may pose a great danger to the public and the environment and may result in substantial fines.

Proper management and disposal of biomedical waste is strictly mandated by the government.  The only way to relieve you of such burden is to procure biomedical waste services from a trusted licensed and professional medical waste solutions provider. 
There are already many medical waste removal companies that sprouted but finding the best is essential and crucial.

We are RedAway™, a medical waste solutions company founded in Texas.  We are led by a former hospital executive who saw the need for a dependable and responsive waste removal service provider that would cater to the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. We are proud to serve our local community and are now providing services nationally.
Part of our medical waste solution is providing our clients with biomedical waste services and that is providing you with only the best quality of color coded waste containers, properly labeled and adequately placed within your facility.  All your waste will be collected and handled by our highly trained staff.  They will be transported by  our waste removal vehicles with special waste receptacles, properly labeled and tightly sealed with the assurance that nothing will be exposed or spilt in case an accident occurs while in transit.  Disposal of your biomedical waste will be in absolute compliance with the state and federal laws. We are ready to assist you 24/7/365.
Allow us to show you why RedAway™ is the most trusted and dependable medical waste solutions company of choice in Texas.