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Disposal Quiz: What To Know About Medical Waste Services [Interactive Quiz]

So, you recently took on a new medical waste service provider? Take our disposal quiz to find out how much you know about medical waste services.

Regardless of if you’re a customer of RedAway or not, take our quick medical waste disposal quiz and see if you can go 14 for 14. Your answer options are 1) eliminate, 2) incinerate, 3) dispose and 4) recycle/reuse.

In addition to the disposal quiz, here are some good items to know regarding RedAway medical waste pickup and disposal…

Place all RedAway medical waste in approved containers only, so that:

  • Facility employees will know which waste is marked for disposal and safe treatment
  • Patients will know which waste to avoid
  • RedAway customer service personal can properly handle your waste

Proper Handling/Setup:

  • Use facility Infection control procedure during assembly and follow steps:
    1. Open approved box
    2. Line boxes with red “biohazard” bags
    3. Tie bag when full using “goose neck” tie
    4. Close top of box, folding along perforation
    5. Check the box for:
      • Approved markings (i.e. biohazard logo)
      • No spillage, punctures, or tears
      • All contents securely inside
    6. Move to secured location for storage and removal

Medical Waste Disposal Quiz – Choose the Best Answer!

Answer choices:

  • Destroyed (Regulated Medical Waste) – waste no longer recognized as medical waste because it has been ruined, torn apart, or mutilated.
  • Eliminated (Regulated Medical Waste) – waste that has been completely destroyed via incineration, etc.
  • Dispose (Trash) – waste associated with items normally placed in the trash
  • Recycle/Reuse – items that can used again for the same purpose or repurposed.

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