medical waste onboarding

Medical Waste Onboarding: What to Expect [Infographic]

When it comes to medical waste disposal, you should expect the best. No exceptions.

The medical waste disposal services industry is crowded. It’s the truth. There are big name brands that have let customer service get away from them. And there’s small, mostly local companies that don’t quite have the ability to provide top level service.

Here’s an infographic on what you should expect when going through medical waste onboarding with your next service provider. We believe transparency and putting the customer first is key to providing your the best possible service.

Before Onboarding

Before you onboard with your next medical waste provider, you should watch for how transparent the company is with you. For example, your provider should follow-up immediately with requests or proper estimates, should look and dress professionally, and should be transparent in how their operations work. If a provider isn’t completely honest, why should any client ever trust them.

After Onboarding

After signing the dotted lining, the onboarding process and after should involve complete understand and agreement from both parties, and all expectations should be completely outlined. For example, the client should should allow open conversations between clients and leadership team, should provide a full range of supplies and equipment, should present an organize list of all required documentation, and a bonus is having an interactive portal for clients to stay up-to-date and schedule pick ups.

At RedAway, we offer all of this and more. We love our clients and value transparency and loyalty above all.

medical waste onboarding