Medical Waste Containers

Medical waste is generally defined as waste that may be contaminated with blood, body fluids and other infectious materials, that may be considered perilous to the health of the public and the environment once exposed. This waste is placed in special containers for disposal.

Medical waste containers are not trash cans or garbage bins.  They are regulated waste containers that hold healthcare waste which may endanger public safety and the environment once exposed.  They may contain radioactive waste, body fluids, animal fluids, waste that are contaminated with blood, drugs, chemicals or other potentially infectious material.  Healthcare facilities like hospitals, veterinary hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, physician’s clinics, dental clinics and even tattoo parlors generate medical waste daily.  It is imperative that these medical wastes are thrown in designated waste containers.
All waste containers must be color coded for the safety of the public, the environment and the waste disposal handlers.  Each color coded container indicates the kind of waste they hold and will help waste disposal workers to determine if they are handling a potential risk and must get on with their task with extreme precaution from the point of waste origin to the disposal facility. The color coded containers also visually indicate the kind of disposal process that must be appropriately applied to the collected medical wastes. These color coded containers will not only help healthcare facilities but the disposal companies as well.

Initially, medical waste is segregated at the healthcare facilities of waste origin. RedAway™ only uses the best quality color coded medical waste containers from the best manufacturer.  We always make sure that they are spill and leak proof, as well as tamper proof. We clearly mark the containers as to what kind of waste should go in them and place them adequately throughout the facility for our clients’ convenience.

We, at RedAway™, understand the importance of color coded medical waste containers and strive to ensure that all your medical waste disposal is resolved with the strict observance and compliance of the law.

We are at your service 24/7/365, with courteous expertly-trained drivers and staff, dedicated customer-response specialists, e-scheduling and tracking services, and environmentally safe disposal containers.

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