Why choose our medical waste solutions?

about us

At RedAway, we’re passionate about medical waste disposal. We get it, that’s a strange thing to be passionate about, but as an industry-leading service provider, we pride ourselves on caring about our clients and their needs. Here’s why we stand out from the crowd:


(1) A Better Customer Experience:

We want our clients’ medical waste disposal needs to be second thought. With a more simplified user experience than many of our competitors, we want you to stay focused on your patients and let us handle the medical waste.

(2) Ease of Billing:

We guarantee no rate changes for at least three years, ease of cancellation, and certainly no fluctuation in billing.

(3) Appearance:

We’re local, reliable, easy to deal with and we dress well. Basically, we’re like the friendly neighbors you actually enjoy seeing every week. Plus, we take out your “trash”.

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