Pharmaceutical Waste

Any place that handles medicines generates pharmaceutical waste. These are wastes generally defined as unused expired medicines, contaminated drugs used for therapies, damaged drugs, bottle or IV residue,  gloves as well as other materials that came into contact with medicines, chemical sediments and wastewater.

It has been a common practice in many countries to dispose of this waste by discarding them just like a common household waste. However, recent research shows that its improper disposal poses a great risk to the environment, especially to aquatic organisms.  That is why proper management of these kinds of wastes were imposed due to the risk it emanates.

According to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), not all pharmaceutical waste are considered harmful or hazardous and has created a list that identifies them.  


Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA has also established the characteristics of this kind of waste that are considered hazardous as follows:


a waste characteristic that may create fire during storage, while in transport or during disposal.


a waste characteristic that eats away, breaks down or destroys a material specially metal, through chemical reaction.


a waste characteristic that makes waste behave unpredictably under normal conditions, or when placed in water, or explode when exposed to extreme temperatures.


is a waste characteristic that poses extreme harm to the human and animals when swallowed or absorbed into the skin.

If you are therefore disposing of waste that has these characteristics, proper disposal management is required, and the task to oversee it usually falls to the chief pharmacist. Therefore, employing professional and licensed waste removal service companies will secure your  peace of mind.

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