Waste Containers

Waste Containers, usually called a trash can, garbage can or dustbin, are generally defined as a type of container made out of metal or plastic with a lid, manufactured solely for the purpose of  holding solid waste meant for disposal.

They are known in British English as bins, baskets or rubbish, while in American English they are commonly referred to as garbage can or trash can. These containers do not only make our environment clean and well kept, but ensure the safety of the public and the environment from hazardous and potential health threats.


There are different types of containers recommended for different kinds of waste. It is considered as “best practice” to use different containers for wet and dry waste, for recyclables and biodegradables.


It is very important that waste segregation starts at home so it would become a habit for everyone wherever they go. Teaching kids how to throw and segregate waste is beneficial not only for their future but to our planet’s future as well.  

Waste segregation simply means separating wet and dry waste using different waste containers.  The dry waste is for recycling while the wet waste is for composting.  There are also some households that prefer to have separate containers for recyclable and biodegradable.

Establishments and facilities also practice different types of segregation and would therefore need different kinds of containers, just like how a restaurant’s trash bin would differ from a healthcare facility’s.

A lot of states have implemented the use of color coded containers for recycling and composting to help conserve our natural resources.  There are also some governments who mandate a strict compliance of waste management for biodegradables and non-biodegradables. 

For this reason, color coded containers are very important to distinguish the wastes that are being disposed of. These color coded containers not only help the people throwing the waste but most importantly the waste disposal handlers collecting the waste for proper disposal and management.

At RedAway™ part of our service is to provide color coded waste containers for the proper disposal of your medical waste.