Where to Dispose Of Medical Waste

Medical waste is generally defined as healthcare waste that may be contaminated with blood, body fluids or other potentially infectious materials.  They are generated daily from healthcare facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, physician’s clinics, dental clinics and even in tattoo parlors.

Where to dispose of medical waste

According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), medical waste may be disposed of on-site or off-site.

“Medical waste managed on property that is owned or effectively controlled by one entity and that is within 75 miles of the point of generation or generated at an *affiliated facility is considered to be managed on-site in accordance with Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Subsection 326.3(29).

Any medical waste management practice that does not meet the criteria for on-site is considered to be off-site management.


Initially, medical waste is handled and segregated at the healthcare facilities. The most affected about this worrisome question of “where to dispose of medical waste” are small hospitals and facilities, nursing homes, tattoo parlors, dialysis centers, veterinary clinics,  private physician clinics and dental clinics. 
RedAway™ is a medical waste removal company, founded in Texas.  Led by a former hospital executive who saw a need in the industry for a dependable and responsive waste removal company, which would cater to the needs of small and midsize businesses.  
All medical waste will be picked up and handled by our well-trained courteous staff, once they have been properly segregated and packaged.  Afterwhich, they will be loaded onto our removal vehicles and secured so that all the medical wastewill not spill in case of an accident. The medical waste gathered is then transported from your place of business to a regulated disposal facility.  There the medical waste is further segregated, handled and treated according to state and federal regulations.

RedAway™ has partnered with distinguished companies, catering both on-site and off-site medical waste management, as well as managing all kinds of medical waste.
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